[futurebasic] routine for improving scroll-bars

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 17:43:36 EDT
for improving my scroll-bars, 
i need a routine that will examine a styled edit field 
(which may have lines of varying point-sizes) and give me:
     (a)  the line-number of the top line currently visible in the field,
     (b)  the line-number of the bottom line that is _fully_ visible,
     (c)  the height of the edit field through the line found in (b), and
     (d)  whether there is also a partially-visible line at the bottom.

i've got something that almost works,
but rather than ask for help in improving that,
i'm wondering if someone's already got solid code,
and can write it with less pain than i've already suffered...      ;+)