[futurebasic] Custom Folders (Again)

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From: "Phil Yates" <phil.yates@...>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 16:03:53 +0100
Wierder and wierder ...

The story so far.

Under FB Program Control :

1. I create the folder - OK
2. I create a File called "Icon" in the folder, with a type of "icon" and a
creator of "MACS" - OK
3. I copy across to it all the ICN# family resources - OK
4. I close the Icon file. - OK
5. I set the folder bit to tell it that it has a custom icon. - OK
6. I quit my program - OK
7. I check everything has been created and set correctly with ResEdit - OK.

Does the Icon appear ? No.

So, this time, manually, I :

1. Create a folder
2. Get Info
3. Paste the same custom Icon onto the Get Info's Icon.
4. A file is created in the folder called "Icon"

Lo and Behold, the Custom Folder Icon appears.

Now, using Resorcerer and ResCompare, I compare my "Icon" file with the one
created by the manual process.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. All the bits are the same, the file size is the
same, the Resources are the same. THEY ARE THE SAME.

I compare the Folders. THEY ARE THE SAME

I bang my head on the wall. Several times. I hit the computer.

And did you know that If you have the file ID and Creator as above, you can
put the two "Icon" files above in the same folder, and the Mac won't
complain or try
and change the name.

If anyone can throw some light on the above, I'd be very pleased to hear
from them.


My head hurts.