[futurebasic] Re: [FB] FBII->3 Source Conversions Success!

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From: "Chris Wyatt." <space@...>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 21:48:16 +1000
G'day Mel,

you wrote:

> >jonathan said,
> >
> >function even under 8.6, this doesn't worry me. The problem is not with
> >FB^3, I hasten to add, but with me!
> I just managed to convert one of my smaller projects (3 include
> files, one global and a main) and got it working in FB3! Aw the sweet
> smell of success.

Lucky you.

> One of my errors was naming the DIM RECORD and DIM RECORD END with
> the same variable. It didn't flag it as an error during compiles or
> anything else (contrary to what the conversion docs say) and it let
> me shove stuff into the records in a function, but once outside of
> the function it was gone. Somplace. Very far away. Never to be seen
> again.

It flaged the error for me.

> <snip>
> Do you actually "need" all that extra function stuff in the FBIIrntm
> header file?
> Or do you just need the library references?
> Whats the difference between the lite, regular or fat free run time?
> Is there a list of what ToolBox commands the compiler supports (help
> only has a few)?
> How come in a compiled PPC app only, the main part of the code
> doesn't end up in the datafork as other compiled languages do? And
> does anyone see this as a problem?
> If the compiler is going to write in its own resources, can we get a
> list of them so we don't try and create the same ones?
> Is there a way to get rid of that blue background in the editor
> window but keep the styled text?

Go into preferences, select fonts tab, select REMs, then change the colour for
the background for REM text to what you want.

> How come window names can't be longer than about 6 or 7 characters?
> Mine all get chopped off. And it changed something in my OS since ALL
> my windows won't go beyond 6 or 7 characters now. I hope restarting
> will fix it.

I haven't seen that. My odd thing is in the project window, I closed a couple
of the folders as I didn't plan to change 'pGRuntime'  etc. Then when I
clicked on a file another line highlighted instead of the file I clicked on.

> Disclaimer, I am not bashing FB3. Rather to the contrary, I think its
> going to be great in future releases. But it's got one mean learning
> curve for us FBII vets and the sooner I get a handle on it and manage
> to learn to stay out of its way, the better. Which means I get to ask
> a lot of dumb questions about how it works so I can best use it for
> my own programming style.

So true.


Chris Wyatt, in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.