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From: Brian Victor <bhv11@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 12:49:54 -0500
At 9:35 AM -0500 12/29/97, tedd wrote:
>Apparent quick-fixes like using two HANDLEEVENT loops only create more
>problems down the line. If you don't understand one event loop, then you
>certainly won't understand two.

I'm curious on this one... I understand the reasoning for the advice
against multiple HANDLEEVENTS, but I was wondering if it would defeat those
problems to use a second one only within a modal dialog box.  In my program
I'm using a progress bar window, which is modal, and loops during its
processing.  I want to have the HANDLEEVENTS there so that it allows
background events to process and so that it can check for command period
and the cancel button press.  Is this safe to do, since the modal status
disables many of the events?  Or, more specifically, which events that
aren't disabled would be likely to cause problems?

Granted, I can always drop back to the main event loop and check for events
there before I process the next loop, but if it would do no harm to do it
this way, it would save me the trouble of storing the calculation data in a
global somewhere.



-- Brian Victor