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From: Bob Bryce <rbryce@...>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 14:52:28 -0800
Programmen meisters;

I am experimenting with making a Parallel Text program.
Andy Gariepy's "MultiText" program looks like a better place
to start from than my initial attempts.It opens multiple TEXT
files in staggered windows. I found this in my FutureBASIC folder;

'  Program Name: MultiText.Main
'  New Project Shell   Ver 3.01
'  by: Andy Gariepy    Jan 30 1996

The idea of a parallel text program is that you can have several
Scripture texts open; clicking in the text of any open file
causes all the other open files to scroll to the same chapter and verse.
This is a neat Translation/reference/review help already implemented
in a Windoze ParaText program; but with _no_ plans to port it to Mac.
This parallel scrolling probably works on the basic that the texts we use
are Tagged texts with chapters flagged \c # and verses flagged \v # where
# represents chapter or verse numbers. These tags must be at the beginning
of a line;

\c 2
\v 1 Text follows here
\v 2 More text

Since the System seems to take care of scrolling automatically for the
current active window, how do I modify things so the files will scroll
together? Presumably I would have to have all Windows marked as _keepWndActive
and _keepCtrlsActive for this to work. Presumably the SCROLL BUTTON of each
Window would have to be set to equal that of any other open Window, and/or
some type of FIND function to cause a jump to the nearest chanpter and verse
when the mouse is clicked in the window.

The other thing I want to do is to stack the Windows one on top of the other
rather than stagger them as Any has done, so translation and reference texts
can be viewed together.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.

Bob Bryce
Saskatoon, Sask. CADADA eh