[futurebasic] Updating user objects in PG:Pro

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From: mckernon <mckernon@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 97 20:43:04 -0500
I have a project with a problem, and I was wondering if I'm 
misunderstanding how to get and save object info using PG:Pro. I added a 
user object to a window from within PG:Pro, and I need to change its 
location at various points in my program. The problem is, on some 
people's systems the objects don't necessarily wind up where I put them 
-- they seem to wander!

Here's the code snippet I use to get and save the object info; anybody 
see anything wrong?

X=_PaperPull                                      'PG Constant for this 
FN pGgetObj(_DisplayWnd,X)                        'Get the object's info
gObjT=T                                           'Set new coordinates 
for it
FN pGputObj(_DisplayWnd,X)                        'Save the coordinates 
back again

It may be I'm tired and not looking at the code straight, but then again, 
I may just not understand...


-- John McKernon

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