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From: Dale Blackwell <dblackwell@...>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 16:26:30 -0700
>You are doing two different things when trying to print rotated text to the
>screen as compared to the printer.
>When printing text to the printer, you are using PICOMMENTS -- which are
>(somebody correct me if I'm wrong) commands similar to postscript. It is a
>way to communicate with postscript printers. In the olden days, I had to
>learn postscript and then send postscript commands to my printer via a
>BASIC wrapper to have it do what I wanted -- it was very complex. However,
>now with PICOMMENTS, one just uses those commands you want and everything
>is much easier.
>When printing text to the screen, it is a completely different critter.
>Printing text horizontally is default. You see, text characters are somehow
>linked with the ASCII text so that they magically appear on the screen when
>you do something like PRINT "This is my text". In other words, somewhere
>something goes and grabs a "T" screen character and places it on the screen
>when you do a PRINT "T". Unfortunately, this something does not have a
>screen character for inclined text. In other words, it, and subsequently
>you, don't have the ability to grab a "T" character that is inclined 30
>degrees and place in on the screen. Too bad -- it would be nice to have
>commands something like the old Apple plotters. But, it don't.
>So, what I did was to use offscreen GWorld to print a string of text and
>then rotate the image to the incline desired and place it on the screen. It
>looks complicated because it is. So, yes you're stuck with GWorlds for text
>rotation to the screen.
>It would be nice if text rotation was incorporated into some future version
>of FB^3 -- hint.. hint!
Thanks Tedd,

I saw all those beautiful PICOMMENTS commands and just knew there had to be
a way of rotating text for the screen without the use of the GWorld
logic...but I guess that's not the case.  Thank you for the explanation.

I agree that it would be nice if this capability would be incorporated into
FB^3 but I suspect Staz has quite a bit on his plate these days.

Thanks again for your reply and all best wishes.

Dale Blackwell