[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Three Questions QT/runtime speed/menu graphics

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From: PRITCHA@...
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:03:27 +0100

Derek wrote:
>Haha, if you knew how little C I really know you'd laugh.  I only know
>enough to get by in desperation in CodeWarrior.  I can read it quite well
>though for some reason, just can't write it for beans.
>I'm not sure what you mean by PICT to QT.  If you can be more specific I'm
>sure I could do it.
>By the by, didn't Mars give you some code once to put a PICT into a movie
>frame or was that the other way around? :-)

>just can't write ..C.. for beans...
Who'd want to when there's FB about? :-)

One of the probs though is all this Apple Source which spoils
the FB feast!

Robert Covington passed on to me, with a sort of non-disclosure agreement,
Mars' psuedo code which Mars had originally taken from Apple.

I tried adding it (with your help, Derek, on the toolbox side) to the
MOVIE-to-PICT program (available at FutureBASIC.org) which I put together
(with Jamin's help) to try to make it a PICT-2-MOVIE-2-PICT.

But could I make it work? No. The code is available to anyone who
wants it but I should warn you when I passed it to Robert
it killed his hard disk - so he says :-x

Would you (or anybody else) like to try? Esp now that Robert has
written the Spec and published Mars' psuedo-code...