[futurebasic] FB II: carriage returns

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From: Bob Bryce <rbryce@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 11:39:45 -0800
Thanks to those who responded to my query about
suppressing carriage returns. In trying to respond to
Pierre Zippi's email to me about adding ";"I realized that
this is not a FutureBASIC problem as such. It actually relates to
RTF coding. Theoretically in an RTF file the only carriage
returns to appear in a formatted doc. are those specifically coded by
"\par " So actually, returns put in by FB should never appear in the RTF

Now it turns out I have "\par\par\par " appearing in my RTF
output from my program, which gives three unwanted returns
before my first text;  This has me mystified and searching thru'
a few thousand lines of code to figure out why.

My apologies to the group for taking up time on this,
but you see PRINT #2, string$; is not the answer.

Bob Bryce