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From: RMMerrill@...
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 14:42:00 EST
>I also get a consistent FB^3 crash with PRINT MEM(_maxAvail). Can 
>someone verify that? Docs say that SYSTEM(_memAvail) and 
>MEM(_maxAvail) should give the same results.
>>Doc, I plugged in a whole bunch of additional statements of the 
>>same type. All
>>the same in FBII and, as you indicated different values - seems to be a
>>pattern - I think probably because the FB3s heap is being used differently
>>than it was in FBII. I think this is something that only Andy will be able 
>>dope out, and whether it is critical or not.
>>Joe Wilkins
>>"Dr. Stratford" wrote:
>>>  Did a little more checking on SYSTEM(_memAvail). If I do
>>>  PRINT SYSTEM(_memAvail)
>>>  PRINT SYSTEM(_memAvail)
>>>  PRINT SYSTEM(_memAvail)
>>>  PRINT SYSTEM(_memAvail)
>>>  do
>>>  until mouse(_down)

You are overlooking the fact that you did not build a window. After 
the first print statement, FB^3 built a window with the title 
"Printing without a window". Which takes away some memory.


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