[futurebasic] FB3 Memory Toolbox Oddities

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From: Robin <robinc@...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 17:02:47 +1000
(1) I am converting a project from FB II to FB^3 and get this error message:

  Warning: This toolbox call does not return a result.
  The compiler has forced a result of zero.
  in file  Server.¼:|HEAPS.INCL at line 105 in LOCKHANDLE&
  €oserr = FN HLOCK (aHandle&)€

However, this worked fine in FBII: in that oserr *did* sometimes return an
error, and this was valid. Is this an error in FB^3? If not, how come it
actually returned correct errors in FBII?

I have a similar problem with
  oserr = FN HUNLOCK (aHandle&)

  err = FN DISPOSHANDLE(aHandle&)

Again, these gave valid results under FB II.

I guess I can work around this with:
  FN HLOCK (aHandle&)
  oserr = SYSERROR

but I'm puzzled why it seemed to work before.

(2) In FBII, SYSERROR worked fine in LOCAL MODE functions. In FB^3 it
doesn't: it says the variable SYSERROR isn't defined. A bug?

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