[futurebasic] Re: LOST in OS 8!! [X-FB]

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From: BMichael <BMichael@...>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 19:20:03 EST
>Next time I feel like waiting for the 10-hour-long boot 
>up process, and complete and utter sluggishness of OS 8, I'll give it a 
>whirl and tell you guys what I find out.  ;-)  Ok..ok...so I'm picky and 
>probably exaggerating a wee bit...but you have to admit...it's dang slow 
>compared to 7.6.1.  Yuck.

Oh, I don't know... since my 7.6.1 Macs are a 7600/120 or a PowerBase 
200, both with "umpteen" extensions, and my 8.0 Mac is a G3/233 with very 
few extensions, I'd say the boot on OS 8 is _much_ faster than 7.6! 
(Never tried both on the same Mac, with the same extensions...) I'm 
finally getting "used" to OS 8, BTW... it takes a while, but I'm learning 
to appreciate a bunch of the "minor" features. Now I keep hitting 
cmd-delete on my "work" Mac and wondering why the file just sits there...