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From: Peter Bancroft <peter@...>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 17:28:39 +1100
>I may have missed this one, but here I go..
>First off, I have this god awful desire to try to make some plug ins for
>FutureBASIC 3 (shall we say a way to fix the editor's window zoom for
>starters...) any  ideas?

Do you mean plug ins for your app or plugins to enhance FB3?

If you mean plugins for your app, you could try writing a whole heap of
collaborative apps. Fb3 was going to support plugins, but I think this is
someway off. I've almost stopped coding while I wait for this feature. Been
playing with AppleScript - great stuff. I'm really impressed. Might even be
tempted to turn some AppleScripts into FB code for speed. I've been working
on 3 independent modules that collaborate across an intranet. FTPing files
in and transferring them to a FileMaker Pro Server and running them. The 3
AS collaborate to do the job. This has made me think differently about the
way that programs are designed.

Now do I go the plugin way, or do I work on mutually collaborative apps?

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