[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Plugs & CODE for FB^3

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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 00:29:51 -0800
>I may have missed this one, but here I go..
>First off, I have this god awful desire to try to make some plug ins for
>FutureBASIC 3 (shall we say a way to fix the editor's window zoom for
>starters...) any  ideas?

Sure. I miss some of the shortcuts in the FBII project manager.

How about building a list of all the FN's in each module like the 
FBII project manager used to. Sure was a lot easier to find functions 
when you can see them all in a single list in the project manager 
window (or make a global Function Window and global bookmarks would 
be too cool).

I'd like a short cut to either open an include file by clicking once 
on it, or bringing it to the front if it's open. It would also be 
nice if the project manager remembered what windows were opened the 
last time the project was used and reopened the same ones, same 
position etc.
Anyone know why the var HNDL& gets capitalized in FB3? I checked the 
manual and it doesn't seem to be a keyword.

Mel Patrick
Wabbit Wanch Design