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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 16:42:49 -0800
Rick Brown wrote:

> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> > While we're on the "flush" topic, and this is not about "tedd", I am working on
> > another Game - still in FBII, since it uses the same engine I've created for
> > four others - and working with a G4/450 illicits a number of interesting
> > dilemmas. This has to do with such simple things as clicking on an OK or Cancel
> > or any other button that closes a dialog. Unless you are really quick with the
> > release of the mouse button, you get another click on whatever is beneath that
> > spot on the screen. Sometimes it is meaningless, in my case it is a real
> > nuisance. I have found that a call to FLUSHEVENTS(_everyEvnt?) immediately after
> > disposing of the Dialog appears to solve the problem, but I have not tested this
> > concept thoroughly to see how it impacts the app running on other machines -
> > read slower. I don't think it should cause a problem. Anyone have an opinion on
> > this? Is there some way we can slow down the mouse click response within our
> > programming if the MHz gets beyond a certain point?
> >
> > Joe Wilkins
> This seems very peculiar, because traditionally a pushbutton's "action" (e.g.
> dismissing a dialog box) does not occur until the mouse button is *released*.
> The mouse-down event should do nothing but highlight the button.  Has this
> changed on the G4 ??

I said nothing about a MouseDown event. I said a Button Click, which assumes both a
mouseDown and a mouseUp event, I suppose. I don't know how to explain things any
clearer than I have. I have no problem. I just wanted the community to be aware that
there may be one. Apparently only Jonathan seems to understand what I've said.

Joe Wilkins