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From: BMichael@...
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 20:19:34 EST
>>or go directly to the source, mark's "sequoia software", at:
>Anyway, if anyone wants to try TEXTbook it is available as bowerbird 
>indicated above. Or if you can't get it, I will email it to you. I can also 
>send anyone FB Viewer if they want to see that (no room left of my meger 
>2MBs from AOL). Since I rated myself a 2-3 on Jim's programmer scale, I 
>feel competent enough to write a chapter, especially for FB^3.

Since it's written in FB, it's eligible to be hosted on futurebasic.org...
<hint!> I've still got plenty of room. Just toss it in the dropbox and 
let me know it's there. TEXTbook, FB Viewer, or both.

>However, if something does get written, I would be willing to do some HTML 
>work on it to make it readable on- or off-line with your browser (I did the 
>Function Junction III manual that is at futurebasic.org) or put it into FB 
>Viewer or TEXTbook format if that will help.
>(an un-gnome gnome)

And I can tell you that Mark did an incredible job with the manual, if 
you haven't looked at it. And thanks, Mark, for volunteering again to 
help with the HTML... :-)