[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Scripts (Was: [X-FB] Where are the FB books?)

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From: Scott Spencer <sj3@...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 17:33:18 -0800
on 3/2/00 7:07 AM, Mark G at mgoodes@... wrote:

> Didn't FBI have a function library of some sort?  I vaguely remember being
> able
> to open a library window, see a scrolling list of function names, selecting a
> function, and having it open in a new window.  Or did I dream that?  :-)

Not sure about FJI, I don't think FJII had it though.  It would be very cool
to have an FB^3 application which would do this.

Another option is to use FB^3's scripting ability.  Since functions can be
placed in these scripts, then simply selecting the script name from the FB^3
Scripts menu would auto insert the function into the editor.

To make this work, I'm gonna make a feature request for a future FB^3

It would be nice to have FB^3;

 (1) read multiple Script files (with different but descriptive file names)
which have been placed in the Plug-Ins folder,
 (2) with each file names as a menu item, and
 (3) each files STR# resource as a hierarchical menu off the menu item.

This way, multiple "Script" files can be organized into different focus
areas with commands their commands easily available to the programmer.

Scott Spencer