[futurebasic] [FB] prime number generation

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From: <michael_evans@...>
Date: 14 Mar 00 07:07:06 GMT

I'm on the road and my daughter (grade 7) has e-mailed me asking to help 
with a prime number generation project.

I seem to recall a discussion about this on the list a while ago.

I would be grateful for any pointers...

What I would like to do is print a list of validated prime numbers and the 
longer the app runs the longer the list of validated prime numbers.

Presumably one starts with 3 (is 3 the lowest prime?). The brute force way 
is when the integer n (skipping even integers) is reached you successively 
divide by all the integers between 2 to n-1 in a loop...

Is 2^(n) - 1 sometimes/always a prime? 

In FB, what happens when you reach a larger number than can be contained 
by a positive long 4 byte integer?



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