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From: "benjamen@..." <benjamen@...>
Date: 18 Mar 2000 15:48:47 +1100
On Wednesday, 15 March 2000, AlStaff@... wrote:
>>Look again. If you're running anything newer than OS 8, you have Internet
>>Config - it's just called the "Internet Control Panel". Apple
>bought it...
>I'm on System 7.5.5. I don't have Internet Config/Internet Control Panel and 
>never did. The only thing I've ever used besides whatever AOL has built into 
>it is FreePPP when I had an erols account. I need something that works with 
>System 7.x. It works great in REALbasic, but I don't want to my app to have 
>to launch a 290k app just to open web pages.
>I guess I'll have to think about the possiblity of requiring OS 8 for web 
>access, but I really don't want to do that as much of my market has been 
>older Macs.
>Al Staffieri Jr.

Have you tried playing with my RunAppleScript DCOD? It has some demos of http and mailto URL handling, all in about 10 lines of code.  I am not sure if it relies on internet config, tho.