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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 00:18:04 EDT
>Does anyone know who owns Ross Lamberts FB PowerPac?  Does Staz have it, or
>is it with Jennings Interactive?

AHA! One I can answer! It's the property of Staz Software. It _may_ be 
available on Staz's website, but it wasn't last time I checked. (Quite 
some time back.) There were so many different "beta" versions at various 
times, I'm not sure there ever really was a "final" one. I've got five or 
six copies on my drive. I'm an "authorized dealer" (or something) for it, 
so if it's not on Staz's site, email me privately 
<mailto:BMichael@...> rather than bothering him. Staz'll still get 
the $$ for it, minus mailing costs if any; but I'll warn you that I 
haven't got it "set up for selling", so it'd take a few days to dig out 
the latest version and get it to you. I'll also warn you that if/when 
Staz _does_ get it "organized", if it's not already a "separate product" 
on his site, he'll probably just include it on the FB^3 CD for nothing.

I _really_ need to get it added to the futurebasic.org "for sale" page, 
but there hasn't been much demand...