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From: Mike Dillingham <mdilling@...>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 10:24:41 -0700

If you go with SWB's DSL you should have no problems hooking the DSL modem
directly to your hub. Make sure to get a DSL modem that has ethernet connections
compatible with your current hub. I don't know if SWB allows multiple ip
addresses on one DSL line, you will have to check with them on this. If they
don't then you will need to run something like IPNetRouter. This will provide
address translation and routing for all of your computers. SWB will only "see"
one address coming from you, but all of your computers will have access to the
internet thru your DSL line.

You will not need extra phone lines. One or both of your current lines will be
converted to DSL. Your normal voice traffic will be carried over the DSL lines
and you won't notice any difference in your normal phone service. Also, you will
be able to use the phones at the same time that you are connected to the
internet (which will be all the time).



> Subject: [X]-FutureBasic
> Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 10:08:36 -0500
> From: "Terrald J. Smith" <tjsmith@...>
> To: List Server <futurebasic@...>
> Sorry for the dumb questions but you guys are so smart, I would appreciate
> your knowledge.
> Currently I have both AOL  and ipa as ISP.
> Southwestern Bell is offering DSL.  Obviously, I would appreciate the speed
> over my internal modem on my G4.  However, I have the G4 connected to an
> Ethernet hub so that my wife's G3, my HP printer, and sometimes my iBook can
> access the stuff I need.  I guess my question is will/would the DSL work
> with this hub stuff?  I have two phones connected in my house, also wonder
> if they would have to bring in another phone line.  Do any of you do this
> stuff.  Will my printer and filesharing stuff work with this?  Would my
> other computers use the same DSL if the DSL is connected to the hub or
> would/should they continue to use their internal modems.
> I don't know a thing about DSL and none of my friends have it yet so I
> really appreciate your help.
> The Dummy,
> Terrald
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