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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 13:38:08 -0500
LindquistN <LindquistN@...> wrote...

>What exactly the diference between computer science and computer engineering?

In my mind it is like the difference between pure and applied mathematics
or pure and applied science. I studied computer science in college and my
job is computer engineering. Computer science deals with the theory and
research associated with the use of computers and developing techniques,
both hardware (firmware) and software that can be applied to using
computers to solve problems. When I was working on my MS (back in the early
'70's) we studied language theory and how it might be used to write
compilers or recognize sentences in a spoken language. We learned about
finite state automata and Turing machines; time sharing and
multi-processing operating systems, etc.

The job I have, computer engineering, deals with using computers to make
money by solving problems for people and businesses. It deals with
developing software systems of varying complexity, integrating applications
from disparate vendors, inter-networking and the other artifacts of using

That's my take but I have no direct knowledge of how or what computer
science is as it is currently being taught. I'm also certain that there are
others who work in the field of computer engineering whose ideas about what
computer engineering is would differ significantly from mine.

For what it's worth...

Charlie Dickman