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From: Jay Reeve <jktr@...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 00 21:33:42 -0500
>    OK, I know it has probably been asked once upon a time but...
>I need to know the detailed structure of the ztext formatting information. I
>know the size/text/format arrangement and I know how to get handles, but can
>anyone tell me how to construct or twiddle with the format itself? What does
>it look like?
Hi Ronald,

It's a bit too complicated (for me) to explain here. The format has 
nothing to do with ZTXT, other than the fact that ZTXT makes use of it. 
There is a style description for each unique run of text, and tables that 
indicate which style applies to each run, and where each run starts and 
ends. The format structure is part of styled edit fields, so I'd suggest 
finding them in IM to learn the ins and outs. It can certainly be done, 
but it's not simple, although there are a mess of toolbox calls for 
dealing with them.

 =J= a  y