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From: "Steven J. Stratford" <sstrat@...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 19:19:13 -0500
On 6/9/00 2:22 PM, tedd@... at tedd@... wrote:

>> Here's another CGI demo, it allows you to change content on web pages
>> without modifying source code:
>> http://cgi.internetyx.com/cgi-bin/tchunk/chunktest.html
>> Be careful in the admin demo area, don't mess up my demo...  :)
>> -Steve:
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> -Steve:
> Wow!! that's slick! I changed mousse to mouse and back again.
> There has to be a real-world use for this -- but I can't think of any right
> now.

We have a restaurant customer who does exactly what the demo does--from
their own browser they change their daily special on their web site. No HTML
coding needed, just upload a new "chunk" of text. The CGI inserts the text
on the fly.

My pages at internetyx.com all have 3 'chunks' (header, sidebar, footer) and
then the content.

Here's another FB CGI you can try out, I just finished converting it to FB^3
and debugging it:  http://cgi.internetyx.com/cgi-bin/tcounter/test.html
It's a graphical counter w/remote admin.

> I've been meaning to put my Quarters game on my web site such that it is
> divided into two parts. One part will be on the client side. That will
> consist of some Java code that will display the graphics, push buttons and
> the like on the users computer. And then, on the server side will be the
> guts of the program that will provide direction for the running Java
> program on the client side. I think I know how it works, but haven't done
> it yet.

I think you could do it without a lick of java, probably not even any
javascript, mostly server-side CGI.


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