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From: "Deepesh Letap" <DLetap@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:04:24 +0000
Dear All

We have all read with disappointment about suspending development
on FB3 that Staz recently posted. We must congratulate Staz on his
honesty and credibility in making such a bold declaration.

There have been many suggestions and proposals towards how the
problems can be reduced or even eliminated.

Rather than vent on the list, I have a suggestion to make. I would
like to compile a list of every person who can genuinely offer
some assistance including the amount they can pledge and any
preference as to how it is applied.

Please send an eMail to me <DLetap@...> with
the following information:

Full Name:
eMail Address:
Amount Pledged in US Dollars:
Preferred use: At discreation of Staz (or specify loan/stock/etc)

I will then provide the summary to Staz and see if he can use
the information to plan the future of FB3.

To be fair to all, I shall send the result of all postings received
by Sunday 25th January 1998 on Monday 26th January 1998.

On a personal note, like some of the others on the FB List, I have
had the pleasure of knowing Staz for many years now. The choice of
FB over other developments platforms was based on the quality of
the persons backing it. Other compilers have been quoted in the
discussion but how many of them can boast about the loyalty that
exists amongst its users? The postings of the last few hours is
testimony in itself. Staz is not Metrowerks. The day Staz becomes
Metrowerks is a sadder day than today. The principles that made
FB the product it is and gained the resepct it has is because it
was designed to help all programmers. From hobbyists to the
professional. Just look at the diversity of contributors to the
list - young and old, novice and expert, retired and careered, to
name a few. We all help each other and that is what it has all
been about. Can anybody truly say the same about Metrowerks?

It is true that Mars has been busy building his ObjectBASIC
and it is too early to tell how this can impact the future of
FB. Mars has also been a firm supporter of FB in days past. He
has personally been offering support when FB was first launched.
I am sure his intentions had always been to complement FB and
not replace it. There is much to gain from both and perhaps
we will one day see a joint effort for the benefit of both
Mars and Staz.

I sincerely hope to hear from as many of you as possible. I
feel we owe Staz the courtesy of a prompt reply.


Deepesh Letap
Scorpion Research Ltd England