[futurebasic] question about pointers

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From: "Peter Dempsey" <theviron@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 02:00:11 CDT
Well, I said I was a novice and this is gonna prove it.   This is one of the 
most basic things in programming (well, maybe I shouldn't go that far... I 
learned a lot about complexities with changing resolution...).  Anyway, I 
need to learn a bit more about pointers.  In particular, will this work:

	DIM start
	DIM middle
	DIM end

DIM aRecord AS anyRecord

aPointer = @aRecord.middle

or am I misunderstanding how to use "@".  Does it mean its actual location 
in the memory (for a pointer to use)?  Otherwise, how could I rewrite this?  
I looked DIM in the reference manual (for the umpteenth time), but all I saw 
was that it said use AS POINTER to make it a pointer.  Thanks again for all 
the help!

*Note, Phil Yates, this is sort of old news and probably quite obvious by 
now (I blame my slow reaction time on my server again), but ignore my 
statement about the text in ySpeak (subject: I am back again with more q/c). 
  Version two fixes whatever the problem was, and now it shows text instead 
of red and blue boxes.

-Peter Dempsey
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