[futurebasic] Re: Serial Port Read Consistancy Errors

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From: Michele Neri <nerimic@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:18:43 +0200
> I am using FB^3. My cable is good as I get the same results from all of
> them. It is wired as RS-422. Variables are long integer. I neglected to
> state that I send out a command first and try to retrieve an answer from the
> device. I discovered that if I force a deleay of 20 or so, the reads start
> to work. However, my concern is what happens on a slower or faster machine?
> I need the speed as the reads should occur as often as possible, and on a
> fast machine the delay I put in may not be enough causing erroneous reads.
> Even if I do a DO UNTIL charactAvail%, sometimes the data is wrong (unless I
> put in a delay). The perplexing thing is that with Terminal or White Knight,
> the reads are always consistant. How do they do it?
> Also, can you elaborate on why you can't dim strings less than 255 bytes? Is
> it a bug or is it just that way?
> Thanks for the help so far.
> rod k.

I had a similar problem with one of my application in FB^3. I think that FB^3
is much faster than FBII reading from the file. My problem was fixed increasing
the file's buffer.