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From: "Terrald J. Smith" <terrald@...>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:24:17 -0500
I finally got my DSL from Southwestern bell 2 weeks ago (took 3.5 months for
them to connect).  It is awesome.  13.9 meg download took about 2 mins.  The
only problems is how slow they and others like Pacific bell take to connect.
Actually, at the same time I ordered one for my office and it is still not
there.  The cost is 39.95 per month for me.  It actually has saved me some
money since I got rid of an extra phone line at home used for the 56k
modems.  I soon will toss an old ISP also so I will save more money.

The other advantage, a great one, is that I got xrouter pro 130 to connect
my DSL modem, laserprinter and my 3 macs....now all three macs can access
the internet at the same time.  Before I did this with xrouter, I could get
on, or my wife, but not at the same time.

The Dummy,

> Hi gang:
> This is X-FB, but I can't go on any longer with the service I am receiving
> and need to ask "What is the best way (within acceptable money) to access
> the net?".
> At present, I have to log-on a dozen, or more, times each day just to
> access my email and do net work. I am continually being kicked off my
> dial-up connection, or my connection becomes so slow that it's impossible
> to tell if I'm on-line or my connection is dead. Even when I know that I'm
> on, it takes a very long time to get anything done -- surfing the net is
> almost impossible. It appears that things are getting worse. For example,
> last night I downloaded a 9 meg file that took over 6 hours, and I have a
> 56K modem. This morning I had to log-on over a dozen times just to check my
> email.
> I have heard of direct cable connections, DSL and other forms of ISP, but
> don't know who, or what to ask, or what to expect in the way of cost. So,
> could members of this list report to me what their ISP experience/type/cost
> is?
> Please send your responses to me personally at: mailto:tedd@...
> Many thanks.
> tedd
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