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From: Ruslan Zasukhin <sunshine@...>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 18:48:34 +0300
on 12/10/2000 16:05, Jay Reeve at jktr@... wrote:

>> In description of alg you say that you get position in array as
>> A[a,s,d,f]
>> This mean for me that you do something like:
>> A[ Str[0], Str[1], Str[2], Str[3] ]
>> i.e. you do 4 access to byte value.
>> Much faster will be access one time long value:
>> A[ Long(Str[0]) ]
>> This must work as above but faster in N times ...
> Ruslan,
> I thought the same, but because of the necessity of a lookup table,
> everything I have tried to make this happen has been the same speed or
> slower. I currently move each char into a register variable for
> processing, making it extremely fast. I have not yet implemented a 2-byte
> lookup table. It would take 32kb for the table, but might gain a little
> speed. Maybe I can play with that some this weekend. I did gain some
> significant speed by removing a surprisingly-slow ABS() command.

Aga, you use look up table to get values in right sort order
for not-English words? Or for what?

I have missed this point

Best regards,
Ruslan Zasukhin


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