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From: Jay Reeve <jktr@...>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 00 19:02:31 -0500
>Jay, pondering Robert's snail-like performance of 2.5 seconds to 
>index the entire New Testament, wondered:
>>I presume you had register vars on--that should be in the prefs in my pi
>>file. I can't think what else would slow it down that much on the same
>>speed machine.
>Out of curiosity, I wonder if Robert was simultaneously running 
>several apps when he performed his test? If so, he could have run out 
>of RAM and taken the speed hit with virtual memory.
>Just a thought.

It's a good thought, but I find it unlikely that my program is accessing 
VM, and even more unlikely that Robert would have been so careless when 
running a speed test. If he had several apps running, that could make a 
small difference in itself, but not the 65% that he reported. I'm 
guessing that although the clock speeds are the same, his 603ev and my 
775 have different bus widths and/or bus speeds, and that probably 
accounts for most of the dramatic difference.

I'm still looking forward to seeing times from some really FAST machines.

 =J= a  y