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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 21:44:35 -0400
>>The Window Grow in proportion is now a reality. :)  Wahoo.
>The two things that brother me about this code are:
>1. It looks difficult to make it a function that could be called by
>an ON something FN. I'm big on letting the HANDLEEVENTS thing do it's
>thing in a clear way.

I don't know how to get around that.

>2. It takes control of the mouse -- that goes against what I think
>should be GU . I would leave the mouse alone and only use the x or y

GU, general use?

The mouse must be whipped (as far as I know at this point) for the
GrowWindow call to maintain the outline in proportion.

However, it could just as easily be faked I guess by doing your own
GrowWindow type outline that wouldn't require mouse setting and bypassing
FB's grow window routine while then using the horizontal component as it is
already. Then you just size the window at then end.

>My $0.02
>honorable mention tedd

I downgrade you just to a mention. :)
We need solutions, not answers.

I will refund your $.02 upon receipt of ADB I/O.

I say again, this is only something for people wanting to resize gameplay
backgrounds dynamically, or images or similar would use, or even need to I
think. I just need it for me.  If it crashes you, then that is a problem
though. If it crashed anyone I would like to hear about it, and the
machine, OS particulars.

Robert Bob Covington