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From: Heather Donahue <HeatherDonahue@...>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 18:02:15 -0800
At 4:46 PM -0800 on 11/9/00, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:

>Hi Heather,


>Is there anything you are not reading up on?  <grin/smile>  Isn't it 
>great to be so young?  I know you other old codgers are thinking the 
>same thing!

Sometimes I just can't pull myself away when I'm looking at 
programming related stuff.  Unfortunately my college homework is 
suffering.  I've really got to put things back in priority.  Once I 
decided to switch from electronics to Comp Sci. I'm finding it harder 
to stay interested in the electronics.

P.S. Young is a relative term and while a lady never gives her age, I 
started (some) programming on a Commodore Super Pet. (96k RAM, 6502 
and 6809 processors, 10MB disk drive and two 256k floppy drives.  Now 
that was a computer!)