[futurebasic] Error Checking required for AT & TCP?

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From: Richard P Phillips <rpphillips@...>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:50:22 -0700
     With many methods of sending data from one computer to another 
(via a serially connected modem, for example), data integrity can be 
assured only by performing error checking on the received 
information.  But when using the "AppleTalk.FLTR" or Greg Neagle's 
TCP routines to move data, is it also important to check the 
integrity of the received information?

     If integrity is being validated before my code ever "sees" the 
data, then there is little point in wasting time by checking it 
again.  But obviously if it is possible for corrupted data to make it 
all the way to where my code "sees" it, then I would be wise to 
evaluate it.