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From: Peter Bancroft <peter@...>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 02:48:23 +1100
At 7:04 AM -0600 18/12/00, Steven J. Stratford wrote:

>It's a Shell. That means it enables certain functionality, but can be filled
>(programmed) with other functionality.

I understand that, but I'm having trouble getting my head around this.
I am used to abstract concepts. But what do we actually _do_ with these
abstract concepts. Let me say this another way. Lets take a metaview
instead of a coding view for a moment.

I want to make an instance of a flea. How do I make a flea with a smaller
flea on it's back et al. This is simple recursion.

But say I wanted to build a metaconcept. Large (possibly small)
dataconstructs that people would actually like to use. eg recording a
sound, then layering a sound upon a sound.

What would be an example of functionallity that you would consider usable.

How do I design a sound Shell that allowys me to add extra added funtionality?

I'm not really quite sure what question I'm asking at the moment so the
answer might be difficult.

Mr Bent Brains for the moment

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