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From: lcs@...
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 10:13:57 +0100 (MET)

Hi Heather,

 > I'd much rather use:
 > Dim pb as ParamBlockRec: pb.ioRefNum = 1
 > Rather than:
 > Dim pb;256: pb.ioRefNum = 1

It is so important to know about the param block
that I 'ld almost prefer pb;256.
As Bob P mentioned, giving ample length is often not enough;
one often has to define auxiliary blocks, usually strings.

 > CodeWarrior 
 > reports ParamBlockRec size as 80 bytes, I can make a true record the 
 > same size but I've usually seen 256 as the size for it in FB.

I suspect there are zillions of sorts of ParamBlockRec.  
The File manager ones ones I am using for 
the FB2 mini-runtime have 128 bytes reserved by Andy G,
but according to Think reference only 50 bytes are used.

The auxiliary name strings worry me because Japanese etc
requires 2 bytes per character.  Does that mean that 
programs that reserve 

DIM 31 filename$ 

because names are <= 31 characters, should really have

DIM 63 filename$ 

because unicode is coming (or here) with 2 octets per 


Larry S.