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From: Herbie Glunder <H.Gluender@...>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 16:54:35 +0100
Dear experts,

this is my last post to the list in 2000. (I just finished peeling the

Larry wrote yesterday:
> Recall my ruminations about getting smart
> linking by building a "FB-sweeper" to clean up all
> the includes a project needs -- thereby obtaining a
> highly optimized project.  My long-term
> question is: Can you mechanize the clever hand
> sweeping you have done?

Herbie wrote today:
>>Concerning some sort of smart linking I just started to evaluate
a tool is worth being programmed that might perform the creation of
project dependent Toolbox.Incls. I prefer this approach compared to
sweeping. But this will need some time... I shall tell you about my
insights and perhaps progress!<<

Now here is what I found:
It is _not_ worth programming a tool that performs the creation of
project dependent Toolbox.Incls. Quel dommage!
For the "pdfIdentifier" application I found the following sizes:
Application compiled for 68k with the modified Rntm UltraLite.Incl that
(1) the Tlbx Standard.Incl             (64897 bytes) -> 11441 bytes
(application size)
(2) a modified Tlbx Standard.Incl (  4714 bytes) -> 11305 bytes
(application size)
(The modified Tlbx Standard.Incl only contains the calls that the main
source code and the modified Rntm UltraLite.Incl really need.)

Congratulations Andy!

Best regards,

Herbie (now returning to the kitchen)