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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 98 00:02:37 -0800
 morethanone 02/02/98 21:55 ars@...

>I bought my original manuals and original disks of FB from a
>University-area bookstore that sells used software. I have no more
>reason to "suspect" that the original purchaser kept a copy than I do to
>"suspect" a thousand other reasons. 

>>>Perhaps he/she upgraded to FBII.

OK ..You said it .. Right there .. IT WAS A POSSIBLE PIRACY ..

>Perhaps s/he didn't like it. Perhaps it was over his/her head. Perhaps
>he/she was a student who lost their financial aid and had to sell it to
>eat. I've been to all these places.

>> You realize of course .. you are .. In a round about way .. asking 
>> someone to take part in "Software Piracy"
>> If I were to sell your friend my FB and continue to use FB II.
>> It would be Software Piracy

Notice the above 2 lines .. I defined how it would be Piracy

So FLAME ME .. I've got Flame Resistant Skin .. I've been chewed on by 

But .. One thing I know for certain .. I don't have to close my eyes when 
I shave in the morning .. 

I can look myself straight in the eye and not be ashamed of what I see 

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