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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 02:21:12 EST
deb said:
>   I don't know where this originated from 
>   so I can't give proper credit, but thanks to whomever.

it came from staz, of course.

i was about to post the same routine,
so thanks for saving me the trouble.

works like a charm, if that's what your need is.

i've put a lot of thought into 
transferring the screen to paper
-- it's one of the essential questions
in thinking about electronic books,
the conflict between
the landscape monitor
and the portrait page --
and the best solution to my mind is
to print the screens 2-up on a page.

accumulate your first "picthndl&" into a global
as the top half of the page, and when you get 
a second one as the bottom, slap them together.

it may be necessary to reduce the screenshots a bit to fit,
but you should be using 14-point-type minimally on-screen,
so the reduction generally takes the print point-size to about 12,
and that's a size that looks good at the higher resolution of print.

p.s.  if you want to grow your screenshots rather than reduce 'em,
and you don't mind printing landscape, that's another possible route.