[futurebasic] [FB^3] DLOG,ALERT resource file number should be more than 300 and less than 30000

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From: Masakazu Nakao <PGA02150@...>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 00:46:10 +0900
Dear friends,

I just want to remind you my error of coding.

When I compile simple code with standard (FB2) BASIC mode,

ALRT ID 1,2,3,4,5,6,126,129,130,133,150,30200,30333 are build after compile.
DLOG ID 151,250, 30201 are also built.

And if my code resource with same ID, my resource is present, that is, Staz
resorce is overwritten by my resource.

For instance ID 150 is used by FB^3 when string overflow error.
If I use same ID something else it can make an unexpected result.

According to Staz,
on 01.1.16 2.13 AM, Chris Stasny at staz@... wrote:

> The end user will be safe using ID numbers that are greater than 256
> and less than 30,000
> PG uses resource id's from 3000-3999 and creates resources for your
> program in the range of 4000-4999.

All user should check your resource ID!