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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:40:30 -0400
>Robert Covington's wonderful, if quirky, graphic's manipulation tool,
>Compositor -- written in FB, of course-- has been showing up all over
>the web lately.

Thanks. Try out v1.6, it's hip.

Nice to be noticed. :)  What do you mean...quirky?  Like, AlbuQuirky?
Captain Quirky? Beef Quirky?  It just has a personality. I think artists
find the approach intuitive, while others say..hmm? What's dis?

I did blast a lot of PR sites thanks to a list that Deepesh posted a long
while back.

>One fine review carried on www.themacjunkie.com, included this
>revealing observation:
>"Comes complete with wacky developer, who says: 'and that's because I
>care. I have worked hard to bring imaging power to the little guy,
>and succeeded too well. Now I'm crazy. :)'"

I think most of that "review" is from my release notes and PR thang. :)

>Congratulations to our resident graphics expert and punster.

So kind. Can you believe that Robert Purves, after all the graphic things
he has posted to this list maintains that he is not a "graphics" person? :)
Like Alain not being a programmer.

>Ken Shmidheiser
>***expert: "ex" = has been; "spurt" = drip under pressure
>***   pun: nup spelled backwards as in, "E nup is e nup."

Hmm...looks....revealing of the author's beenness. :)

Programming quirk is harder than it looks, you know.

Here is a recent cool letter snip I got, from a registered user in Sweden:

>Just some lines to tell you how much I appreciate your programs. Compositor
>is a painter's program, something much more than just another simplified
>Photoshop copy.

That made me feel all fuzzy.

Robert Covington
http://www.artlythere.com/compositordl.shtml for a download/look-see