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From: Heather Donahue <heatherd@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:11:39 -0800
At 4:34 PM +1000 on 1/31/01, Robin wrote:

>  > P.S. It's Miss Donahue, since there occasionally seems to be some
>>  confusion, all caused by me.
>Especially when you sign off with "I'm not what I used to be" ;-)

Hee-Hee, someone knows Latin, ehh?  I came across that in a 
dictionary of common foreign phrases.  I thought it would make a cute 
sig. line considering the confusion.

Just to set the record straight, for anyone reading this thread, I am 
the same person that used to go by the e-mail name Brian Hughes.  I 
started with FBII but didn't contribute much to the discussion back 
then.  I still posted under that name as a user of FB^3 until about 
Sept last year.

Then I decided to change my e-mail name to my legal name Heather 
Donahue.  That caused some confusion as some people connected the two 
names, apparently, and thought I was male or wasn't sure.   I'm not 
male so 'she' is a good pronoun to use for me.  I'm not to concerned 
if people don't though.

Sorry for the interruption, I now return you to your regularly 
scheduled programming environment.

P.S. If anyone looks at my old mail, my old e-mail 
BrianHughes@... but it lists 'X-Sender: heatherd@...' 
so that account has always been Heather.  That is, except years ago 
when I used the real Brian's e-mail account, before I got my own.

P.P.S. Every morning we wake up and 'are not what we used to be' the 
day before.

Heather Donahue
-- non sum qualis eram