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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 14:20:00 EST
jay said:
>   Gulp. Didja ever think about 
>   how that story would have gone 
>   if David had  missed? :)

relax.  the story's already been written, jay.         ;+)

>   PS. What criteria or parameters 
>   did you and they agree to?

to deliver an e-bible.  that's it.

compare and contrast our products
-- i'll do this, though they can too --
judge 'em on their respective merits,
overall best user-functionality wins.
(with acrobat/pdf thrown in the mix too,
so they knew they wouldn't be total-loser.)

it is on an e-book listserve.
i was cryptic about my hand.

i just invited 'em to dance.
i didn't really tell them 
what kind of stuff they 
would be stepping in...          :+)


ken said:
>   That no matter who wins, 
>   M$ owns all rights to the final product?!?!?!?  =;^0

yeah, right.       :+)

actually, i informed them my code would be open-source.

my plan now -- it came to me in a dream last night -- is to
get them to agree to do an open-source port to their platform,
or at least commit to finding some of their users who will.

it's not really a "winner/loser" type of battle,
it's actually more like a friendly competition.
but we will still thoroughly embarrass them...               :+)


p.s.  i'll send the exchange to anyone who wants, backchannel, 
as it is longish, and i want to retain the patience of this list...