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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:00:08 +0100

Pete wrote:

> Alain Pastor <apastor@...> on 18/3/01 3:46 AM scribed :
> > Hello,
> >
> > Starting with the simpleText2html file from Rick Brown (sent to me
> > by Bowerbird), I have built another short demo to convert SimpleText
> > documents to HTML texts.
> > I have enhanced the example (it is almost completely rewritten) with
> > the following features:
> Big Snip
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > Alain
> >
> Alain, FYI
> tried the code, but it produced garbage with one simpleText file I created,
> and crashed on another simpleText file at convertToHtml
> Pete...


The file you sent to me privately works good here. However, you told me that
you were using FB^3 Release 3 and I'm not sure that my code is still
compatible with this version.
It was the opportunity for me to discover that I have uploaded an old file
(only for the Uppercase keywords file) that has not even the rendering code
I forgot in both versions to close the HTML tag in the resulting file.
In short, I cannot reproduce your problem here, but I have uploaded for you
the raw translation of the original code by Rick, you may want to try it with
your SimpleText files.

Uppercase: <http://euro.futurebasic.com/SimpleText2HTMLIIUC.sea.hqx>

Lowercase: <http://euro.futurebasic.com/SimpleText2HTMLIIlc.sea.hqx>

Rick's code: <http://euro.futurebasic.com/RickSimpleText2HTML.sea.hqx>




PS: I've just tested my code with the Release 3. It is OK, just a minor change
is required. You cannot have statements like this:
DIM AS HANDLE textH you must write the following instead: DIM textH AS HANDLE
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