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From: Herbie Gluender <H.Gluender@...>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:19:55 +0000
"Always ready to help" list members,

Sunday I desperately asked for help...

...does someone successfully run FB^3 compiled applications on a 68030
Programs compiled (RegisterVars On) with the UltraLite Runtime (Release
3 or 4) crash on my SE/30 (OS 7.5.5). MacsBug indicates that the problem

is in the runtime code (either core or Incl.).

Monday after having received helpful feedback from some of you:
"No problems running FB^3 programs on such historic machines"...

After some more tests without success I shall have a closer look at
missing or defect system extensions on my 68030 machine. I shall report
on my efforts.

Now it's tuesday and I've resolved my problem -- a beginners error! My
apologies to everybody!
The Apple Menu Resource had a MDEF number of 63 instead of 0 (must be
something like 42). This error didn't show up till I tried to run my
programs on my old but speedy (50MHz) SE/30 -- funny (now!).
Interestingly, Macsbug showed some part of the FB^3 core runtime.

BTW, I have run the FB^3/Release 4 editor and compiler on this SE/30 and
everything worked near to perfect. The binary display made it a bit
cumbersome to select code in the editor but the function was perfect and
all my code compiled as usual: Bravo Andy and Chris! The sole minor
shortcoming was, I could not open the Preferences from the Editor...

Most important: My programs now seamlessly runs on the SE/30.

Many thanks