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From: Ashley Butterworth <ashley@...>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 01 23:50:23 +1100
>It's taken Apple how many years to get the ToolBox to it's current state ?
>I can't see "The Great Staz" or "The Wizard Of Compilers" or anyone else
>spending the next several lifetimes trying to reverse enginer the entire
>Toolbox, so we can just keep on writing code that would call the toolbox,
>regardless of destination platform/CPU.
>Not to mention the fact that Apple guards it's copyright to the ToolBox with
>roving bands of nasty foaming at the mouth lawers.
We don't necessarily have to rewrite the the mac ToolBox for the other 
platform, just have code that converts it for use with theirs, and if the 
don't use a ToolBox, it's just more fool them.

>And if a cross platform compiler was possible, can you imagine the size of
>the runtime, if there wasn't some sort of optimiser, to remove un-needed
>code ?
The compiled code would only contain the runtime for that platform not a 
universal runtime for the lot.

>We could all go write software for Micro$loth. (Me, I'd rather die)
No offense to any of you who do work for them (who are on this list, your 
only redemed by the fact that you use FB) but I would accept their money 
and then fill the program with anti-microsoft propoganda and mac support 
propoganda, we want microsoft to fail, but not before we take all their 

>my Aus$ 0.02 cents worth
At this point id rather a US$0.02 cents worth because with the current 
US-Aus exchange rate we'd get 4 cents or their about.

  Ashley ~)~

Ashley Butterworth
Email: Ashley@...