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From: Phil Yates <philyates@...>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 20:25:53 +0100
on 4/4/2001 1:03 PM, Robert Covington at artlythere@... wrote:

>> You may (or may not) like to see the result of the discourse on Mercator.
>> This image has been adjusted for Latitude at 57°N (but is NOT a Mercator
>> projection), and should be viewed in the maximum colours your computer can
>> handle (the original has 16 Million colours).
>> The whole image is colour-coded. With the deliverable software, as you move
>> the mouse over the image, it tell you the height or depth under the cursor.
>> As matter of interest, processing the data to create images for the whole
>> world takes around 36 hours non-stop on a G4/500.
>> http://www.btinternet.com/~philyates/downloads/uk.jpg  (596K)
>> Phil.
> Phil, that is greatly neat. Could it be possible for you to post an image
> like that for the whole world, using reduced size/sampling or something? :)

No. Too big, too much processing time.

> Or is there some already rendered thing available online somewhere showing
> all the ocean depths like that all over, which is what I am interested in.
> If it is a spherical projection for texture map use, all the better.

It's already done. go to the ftp site I posted a  few day ago and backtrack.