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From: Jeff Hoffman <jeff@...>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:48:53 -0600
>I've got a "real" job at last, at least for the next 5 weeks.
>Part of it involves getting Mac connectivity to NT servers.
>I know that there is an NT server bit that does AppleTalk. However, this
>environment won't allow AppleTalk protocols between routers: 5000 PCs - 20
>Macs 8(
>I'm looking for an NT client that will run on Macintosh - not Soft PC or
>Virtual PC.
>Has anyone here written an NT client for Mac - as in - it looks and feels
>like a Mac, but it connects to an NT server?
>There appears to be a pressing need for such a piece of software.
>I think there is a commercial opportunity for someone here.
Try Dave v2.0 from Thursby Software Systems: