[futurebasic] Re:Testers Wanted For: Slide Freebie

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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 02:11:56 -0400
>>Ran on my iMac400 64Mb Ram OS 9.04
>>Selected 2 different folders and then noticed a really bad
>>slow down. When I looked at the available RAM it
>>was down to 274K and the OS had bloated to 32Mb.
>>Just observations
>Thanks for trying it out.
>I can run it for ages (new system software installed now) and my OS Ram
>stays at 15.1 MB and the app at 9.7 constantly, indicating that things are
>getting disposed fine.

Famous last words, still eventually got a freeze (after turning off Virtual

This is so frustrating I want to give up programming. I am doing everything
right to my knowledge, but something in quicktime is crazy.

Like the toolbox GETPICTINFO call where I have to have an invisible window
open (other program) , or the second time I call it, will get a crash.
Window open, call it all day , no crash. Window closed, 2nd time called,