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From: jonathan <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 15:24:13 +0200
le 2001/04/22 7:28, Robert Purves à robert.purves@... a
écrit :

> Spelling flame wars are rightly decried as one of the lowest forms of
> internet traffic, right down there with child pornography and spam.
> So...this is not a spelling flame; it is an enquiry into the educational
> psychology of programming  :-)


the friendly jesting terms of this post makes its remove from the realms of
flame-wars all the more apparent: elegantly couched and turned, it makes a
relevant point without offending, and calling upon our intelligence [or what
little this postee still possess] while inciting and challenging us to look
hardily at ourselves.

although in most cases the object of our missives to this community is to
share code, and thus the ideas are apparent to those who take the time to
carefully pick through each word and term, clarity - in these times of
skimming rather than reading, of summarising rather than experiencing for
ourselves, of mediation and second-hand experience - in thought and speech,
remain tools as precious as they have even been, if not more so.

personally i stumbled on an enticing tome, that deals with this question [as
well as many others] in a stimulating way. i can sincerely recommend [usual
privisos apply - no interest, hidden nor apparent, in the affair] the book:
'bugs in writing', by lyn dupré, published by addison wesley,
ISBN 0 201 37921 X

i would hasten to add, that although i have read, enjoyed, and made sincere
tentatives to apply the advice contained in the above mentioned work, i
would never propose my writing style, nor spelling, as a model for any
person, be they human or gnome.