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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 20:27:58 +0200
Jay Reeve wrote:
> I'm not much interested in lurkers--This is a participation deal. We will
> all learn from each other's questions and mistakes. I will probably limit
> the class size to 5 or 6 so it doesn't get too cumbersome. My only
> qualifications for leading this are my experience as a teacher, the fact
> that these basics are fairly clear to me, and my willingness to invest
> the time. I did a similar kind of tutorial for Alain 3+ years ago, and he
> is obviously well grounded now. That's due to his effort more than mine,
> but he seemed to like my approach.
"Seemed" is inappropriate here, because indeed I did like it.
That's funny 'cos for the second time I have started over last week
a tutorial (in French) intended for the total newbies and computer
illiterates. I don't know yet where I'm going to but my goal is to
publish those lessons on the euro.futurebasic site. Unfortunately, I
cannot devote that much time on this heavy task at the moment, for
that matter I could be interested in having a look at your lessons.
Now, while I'm here, I would say that I'm considering to get rid of
the Pouch, I know it is still well frequented but I've been unable
to keep it up to date and I hate to see it in that state. For the
same reason I have given up on the idea to give away the Pouch in
the Apple help format. In fact, I've started to believe that it is
not a good thing for the promotion of FB^3, nowadays. Actually, the
Pouch is OK for those who already know fairly enough FB, but I fear
that for novices it may bring more confusion than help.
When shall we see a great book about FB^3 on the shelves?




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